Tong Zhu

Q:Please introduce yourself.
A:At present , I am a freshman at Chengdu Normal University majoring English , and is mainly responsible for translation in the team.
Q:Any hobbies?
A:I enjoy watching sports , especially basketball and football games —although I am not good at them at all ! Also , I have deep love for voice which is pleasant to hear , which attracts me a lot.
Q:Any specialties?
A:I can handle the translation work in our team and due to the great interest in language , I can deal with several basic language problems.
Q:What made you join the team?
A:Luo invited me and considering nothing to do , I just agreed.
Q:What do you think is the advantage that allows you to join the team?
A:Besides professional competence , I think it is the skill of language that matters a lot.
Q:What impressed you most in the team?
A:Three was a time when everyone else in the group was discussing the professional knowledge on 3D printing , but I just know little,which was really impressing . And it pushed me to learn more.
Q:After joining the team , do you have anyone’s secret to disclose?
A:Nothing . Everyone is great!